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    2020-2021 COVID Rink Waiver

    All individuals entering the Liewer-Olmstead arena are required to electronically sign (1 time) a waiver accordingly: 

           DSA GUEST LIST            

           NAHA GUEST LIST       

          HCF GUEST LIST             

          HEALY GUEST LIST       


    Patron Duties, Responsibilities and Procedures

    2020-2021 10UA State Champions

    2020-2021 12UA State Champions

    Hunter Meyer, Clara Creviston, Evan Zachgo, Quin Pinkelman, Brady Zachgo, Magnus Sanford, Justing Gallacia, Anthony Lansing, Ryan Hudgin, G-Emily Ketchek Coaches- Chris Zachgo, Wes Pinkelman, Jeff Sanford

    2020-2021 Rink Schedule



    2020-2021 hockey season registration

    Registration open now! Sign your young skater up today for a season of skill development, learning and expanding their knowledge of hockey, and a winter of skating fun!

    Delta Hockey Jersey & Uniform Ordering Site

    Order jersey, warm-ups, uniform, sticks and more. Great clothes for any Delta huskies sport.


     Come out and join our amazing association, we have an astonishing group of skaters and coaches! Our organization is run completely by volunteers who are made up mostly of our dedicated parents.  We are always looking for new and up and coming skaters, volunteers, board members & sponsors.  There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into keeping this program successful and as we all know the more help the easier for everyone! We consider our Hockey program to be a feeder into the High School Hockey team.  Delta’s High School Hockey team has competed very well in the past and this is due to a lot of skaters having the opportunity to start the game at a young age and fall in love with it!

    2020-2021 DSA Coaches

    Congratulations and good luck to the coaches for the 2019-2020 season of Delta Hockey!!  Thank you for the time and effort you put into coaching the young hockey players in Delta! 

    Adult League - TBD

    18U Midgets - Andy Hudgins

    14U Bantams - Jon Brant

    12U Pewees - Wes Pinkelman

    10U Squirts - Chris Zachgo

    8U Mites - Jacob White

    6U Atoms - Gabe Pease Madore 

    Skate Club (Ages 5-10) - Laura White

    DSA Rink Improvements

    DSA has completed some rink improvements!  A BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers that made it happen! The player benches were recently moved to the other side of the rink, allowing for better parent/fan viewing.  The bleachers have been moved up against the glass where the benches use to be!  And finally, the heated accessible building is ready for use this winter!  

    2020 Upgrades:

    Dryland Skating Rink

    AFTER HOURS Skate Shack Access

    Lace up those skates!  The skate shack is open everyday between noon and 7pm until the ice melts.  Want more skating? You can apply for your own fingerprint key here:

    Contact Us

    Delta Skating Association


    Sponsored by Northern Star Resources

    Northern Star Resources

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    Northern Star Resources (Pogo Mine) has continued to support DSA through numerous donations that have improved the condition of the Liewer-Olmstead Ice Arena and the equipment inside it!  We appreciate all you do for our young skaters!!

    Sponsored by IGA Food Cache

    IGA Food Cache

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    Thank you for your HUSKY Sponsorship of DSA!

    Sponsored by Delta Building Supply

    Delta Building Supply

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    Thank you for your Hat Trick sponsorship!

    Sponsored by Delta PowerSports

    Delta PowerSports

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    A huge thank you to Delta PowerSports for your PLAYMAKER Sponsorship and you contribution to the young skaters in this community!  Delta PowerSports has everything you need to have fun off the ice!!

    Sponsored by Delta Meat and Sausage

    Delta Meat and Sausage

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    Thank you for your Playmaker Sponsorship!  Our skaters enjoy filling up on all the delicious snacks from Delta Meat and Sausage!



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